DOUBLE VEE CONCERTS bepaalt zelf wie de kaartjes verkoopt aan het publiek. Dat geldt ook voor de clubs, theaters en festivals waar deze artiesten optreden. KOOP ALLEEN CONCERTKAARTEN VOOR DE OP DEZE SITE AANGEGEVEN CONCERTEN BIJ DE VERTROUWDE VOORVERKOOPADRESSEN OF CHECK MET DE ORGANISATOR. DOUBLE VEE CONCERTS betreurt de zwarthandel, woekerhandel en heeft ook geen eigen of vermomde "secondary ticketing", en doet als bekend ook principieel geen zaken met zgn "secondary ticketvendors". Wij doen een beroep op het publiek om die handel ook niet te steunen. Klachten over dit soort handel in kaarten met de artiesten die wij vertegenwoordigen gaan rechtstreeks naar de Tweede Kamer fractie van de SP.


Statue Statue
Four electric guitars, bass and drums, instrumental, ear piercing and beautiful.
With references towards noise, symphonic rock & repetitive music.
Statue is a band where every member is tight,
disciplined and respectful towards the wall of sound they create.
Their high standing creative dialogue makes the music break open like a perfect storm or calm it down towards a glistening dewdrop of sheer beauty.
The past summer they played Pukkelpop (BE), Leffingeleuren (BE), Incubate (NL) & Eindhoven Psychlab (NL) and according to following reviews, they killed it:
“ The Revelation of Leffingeleuren! ”
“It doesn’t surprise us that Ayco Duyster is a fan of Statue .
The attractively,Instrumental songs are perfect for the radioshow Duyster. Long compositions that seduces you with wide layered guitar work and danceable melodies. But be not mistaken, these 4 guitars, bass and drums will rock out when they have to and blow the sand of pukkelpop out of your ears.”
“ Very powerful was the last song ‘Calexico point’. A threatening song with a beautiful middle piece, wherein the guitars come at you at a hundred miles per hour. If it can get any better? Yes it can, ’The perfect storm’ is a cumbersome drone that gets bigger and more impressive throughout the song.
 The best openingsact of our Pukkelpop-weekend!”
“A lot of credit for “I got your raumschiff” a song that has surfaced in the “Duyster-playlist”on Studio Brussel. 10 minutes long it rolls through your ear canals but isn’t boring one bit.
If it were up to us these guys already deserve a statue.”
“With a background filled with visuals, the band is playing like a well-oiled machine. Moving, convincing en almost mechanically, but always filled with life energy these gentlemen play a set that fills the room. With four guitars you can expect something powerful. Statue doesn’t disappoint, THÉ act of the evening..”
3VOOR12 – Sonic Boom