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Steve Hillage Band and Gong

Steve Hillage Band and Gong

Steve Hillage is a visionary who has constantly pushed aside barriers to make his own significant contribution to music. From his earliest days as a professional musician in the Canterbury scene, helped by his friendship with local heroes Caravan, Steve developed his unique blend of electronic experimentation, quirky and sometimes complex melodies and soaring psychedelic lead guitar.

After playing in the band of another Canterbury legend, Kevin Ayers, Steve moved into the avante-garde world of Gong, with bright shining star Daevid Allen, Gilli Smyth, Didier Malherbe, Mike Howlett, and a moving cast of many others.Steve joined them in 1973 when they signed to Virgin Records and released the seminal Flying Teapot album. It was with Gong that he first made music with synthesiser player Miquette Giraudy, who was to become his long-term partner in music and in his life too.

He also featured on guitar in the legendary live performance of Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells  that year, alongside Rolling Stone Mick Taylor.

The world of Gong evolved and after many comings and goings including the eventual departures of Daevid and Gilli themselves, the world of Steve Hillage and Gong remained intertwined, with Steve releasing his first solo album Fish Rising in April 1975.  However as 1975 progressed Steve started to feel that the post-Daevid band was moving too much in a jazz-rock direction, while he wished to expand on his psychedelic roots, officially leaving them after a headline show at the Roundhouse London in December 1975.

After renewing his solo record deal, Virgin Records asked Steve if he would like his next album to be produced by Todd Rundgren, who had expressed interest. This was recorded at Todd’s studio near Woodstock in upstate New York in May/June 1976. . On his return to the UK Steve formed the Steve Hillage Band.  Their first ever live show was a free concert with Queen at Hyde Park on September 18th 1976. They debuted in front of more than 150,000 people and were very well received.  That same week the Todd Rundgren produced album L went straight into the top 10.

Accolades of the time included:-

“Steve Hillage has it in him to become conceivably, the most important improvising guitarist since Jimi Hendrix”  (Steve Lake, Melody Maker)

And for the Steve Hillage set at Hyde Park :

providing the most exquisite musical moments of the day.. “It’s All Too Much” brought it to a euphoric dreamlike conclusion”    (N.M.E)

With the strong sales of L in autumn 1976, and the resulting acclaim, the Steve Hillage Band’s powerful live shows became a big success, with extended tours and sell-out crowds. They then toured the album L in USA in early 1977 on ELO’s extensive tour, which brought them to big audiences, returning to UK to play a final show at the Rainbow Theatre in London.

In May 1977 Steve and Miquette guested with Gong for a one-off major re-union show in Paris at the Hippodrome. Then onto California USA to start recording more material. A new, now seen as ground-breaking, album Motivation Radio was produced, and released in the autumn of 1977, with more extensive touring.

After its success, Green followed quite quickly, co produced by Steve Hillage and Nick Mason from Pink Floyd who got on famously well. This album was very successful in Europe as well as in UK, notably Germany and France.

In 1977 punk was breaking down the old rules and stirring things up. Rock On magazine had a great idea to run a feature on hippies vs punks. They chose Steve as the hippie and Jimmy Pursey from Sham 69 as the punk. However when they actually met they got along really well, Jimmy saying he admired Steve’s album Motivation Radio. The journalist didn’t get the story he expected, in fact they got on so well that Steve agreed to play a gig with Sham 69, and this gig ended up being Steve guesting with Sham 69 at the 1978 Reading Festival!

Over the course of the 80s Steve and Miquette became enthused and embraced dance music and their new project System 7 was born in 1989 - a techno trance journey of 30 years. They also became noted collaborators with The Orb on their legendary early albums, having first heard Alex Paterson DJing mixing their seminal ambient album Rainbow Dome Musick (1979) with beats. System 7 soon became a respected part of the underground dance scene in London, and Hillage was also a key figure in getting the Glastonbury Festival to recognise the dance scene and set up the Dance Tent, which he helped to programme in its first year in 1995.

November 2006 saw a surprise return to the Gong fold, when Hillage and Giraudy teamed up with all of the "classic era" line-up of Gong (apart from drummer Pierre Moerlen who had died the year previously), performing a set of material from the Radio Gnome Trilogy albums and Camembert Electrique, at the Gong Unconvention at the Melkweg in Amsterdam. Hillage and Giraudy also performed as the "Steve Hillage Band" with synthesizer player Basil Brooks, Gong bassist Mike Howlett and drummer Chris Taylor, playing a short set of material from Hillage's 1970s solo albums. This was their first live performance of this material 27 years and it was ecstatically received.

In early 2007, reflecting a heightened interest in his 70s work, EMI Virgin re-released the eight successful Steve Hillage solo albums – Fish Rising, L, Motivation Radio, Green, Live Herald, Rainbow Dome Musick, Open and For To Next/And Not Or – re-mastered and with previously unreleased bonus tracks.

Hillage and Giraudy's participation in the Gong Unconvention was followed up with a small series of Gong concerts in London in June 2008, with the line-up which also including Daevid Allen, Gilli Smyth, and Mike Howlett. This led directly to a new Gong album 2032 (which Hillage also produced) and extensive touring in the UK, Europe and Japan to support the album’s release in 2009. At some of the 2009 shows they would often open the show performing a short set of “Steve Hillage Band” material, as at the 2006 Melkweg Uncon event. There was a further substantial tour in 2010, but in 2011 after differences with Daevid Allen as to the future path, Steve & Miquette again parted ways with Gong.

Hillage won the "Visionary" award at the 2013 Progressive Music Awards, and in 2017 won again with the “Reissue Of The Year” award for his acclaimed Searching for the Spark box set, released the year before.

Hillage is touring again as The Steve Hillage Band in Europe in November 2019, with the current line-up of Gong playing their own set on a special double bill, as well as joining Steve to perform as Steve Hillage Band with their very accomplished and muscular style.

Don’t miss this influential visionary performer in a very special evening, featuring music from Green, L, Fish Rising and Motivation Radio.