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Ultraflex is an Icelandic/Norwegian female producer duo consisting of solo artists Farao (NO) & Special-K (IS), taking you on a joyride through a disco theme park complete with shimmering roller coasters, kaleidoscopic carousels and the occasional eerie haunted house. Their sound is an exotic cocktail of contemporary disco and futuristic boogie, with a production style resting somewhere between Peggy Gou and The Rah Band, and vocal performances reminiscent of Easter, Saâda Bonaire, and Janet Jackson. Live, they perform exercise routines in synchronisation with visuals largely based on 80’s Soviet aerobic videos, which rings true to their overall fashion output – a look that would make Lotta Volkova proud. Ultraflex brings us a bundle of joy, self-irony and snarky attitude wrapped up in danceable beats, reminding us that we must not forget to have fun.


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