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Ever since he was a child, it was clear that music was firmly in Tadhg Daly’s makeup. Coming from an enormous family based in Jersey & Ireland, many of his relatives were keen musicians and actors, which made it easy for him to grow creatively in his early years. Picking up the trumpet at the age of nine, he was hooked on creating and performing music, something that he kept up until a sports injury changed his life forever.

When he was thirteen, he broke his leg during a football match, which left him in a cast for eight months. With not much else to do except delve further into his musical passions, he began to grow a taste for rock and punk music. By the time he returned to school, he had fully embraced the alternative scene and began to perform in a number of local bands doing the rounds. Something his old friends didn’t understand and so he began to hang out with people more interested in his newfound obsession. But this new persona he had taken on made him a target at school and eventually led to him dropping out.

Things never got much easier after that. Feeling despondent and an outsider in his own community, he found himself a part of the wrong crowd and quickly developed a drug dependency by the age of sixteen. With no purpose or path to follow, he fell deeper and deeper into a depression, which fed his habit and left him heading in and out of hospital continuously.

At eighteen, living in squats and on the floors of users’ homes, the drugs finally took their toll and he had a complete psychotic breakdown. Although traumatic, this was the moment in which his life began to turn around. His addiction was now his passion for songwriting and he began to rediscover his old self and rebuild his relationship with his family.

After a number of years of sobriety and building momentum with his hometown audience, he headed to London to find his place and learn the musicians craft. This led to the release of his first EP, and first taste of attention from major media such as BBC Radio 1 and Radio Scotland, and gave him the opportunity to play a number of major festivals alongside support shows with James Morrison and James Blunt and touring through Europe.

2021’s ‘Forever Young’ EP earnt him places on the Amazon Music and BBC Introducing 2022 ‘Artists To Watch’ list and his single ‘Still Not Made It’ was selected by Spotify editors as one of the top ten independent pop songs of the year. Shaping up to be an exciting year for the prolific artist, 2022 sees Tadhg follow musician and actor Michael Malarkey across europe on tour, as well as embarking on his own UK tour in April. With the machinery in place for his career to develop, he is quickly becoming one of the most talked about new artists of the moment.


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