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Angara portrays a landscape where seemingly opposed emotions are woven together. Combining sensitive and soothing melodies with engaging rhythms and atmospheres, their music conveys the feeling of getting carried away in the world of the listener’s own imagination.

It all started in the late 2000s when Loris & Quentin met in the south of France, sharing their first music productions as teenagers. Almost a decade later, life brought them back together and shaped their musical complementarity into a proper tandem project.

Driven by their desire to elevate their music onto dance floors and festival stages, they initiated a transformative journey in 2021. Their shift from a chill and mellow House to a dance-centric vision was marked by the release of their acclaimed ‚ÄėRwanda EP‚Äô on Monstercat Silk, cumulating more than 15 million streams and preserving the emotive essence of their sound.

This pivotal transition set the stage for their newly released three-tracks ‚ÄėAltitude EP‚Äô, which found its home on Cercle Records, marking a new step in their evolution as artists.


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