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“Some things can only be seen with your eyes closed.”

Daniël van der Duim’s first solo project, “Pintures I,” (piano textures) is a collection of 12 pieces that explore the power of the mind’s eye. With each piece, the pianist takes the listener on a journey through a landscape of sound and imagination, blending improvisation, electronic music, and classical piano.

Imagination and storytelling are always at the forefront of Daniël’s music: he made an album with his Doppler Trio on the creation of a fictional planet; he is in constant dialogue and duologue saxophonist Loek van den Berg; and late 2022 he premiered his compositions based on the Epic of Gilgamesh.

In “Pintures I,” however, Daniël returns to the essence and introspection. He spent months in 2020 locked in his studio, improvising day after day on his beloved piano, resulting in his very first solo album (release: 31/03/2023).

Live, “Pintures” will be a musical invitation to get lost in your own thoughts and emotions. The pieces are woven together differently every night to discover together what can be seen when your eyes are closed.


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Daniël Tomàs Amsterdam, Grachtenfestival

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Daniël Tomàs Eindhoven , Muziekgebouw Eindhoven
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Daniël Tomàs Utrecht, TivoliVredenburg
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Daniël Tomàs Nijmegen, Schouwburg Nijmegen


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