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Dirk Maassen is one of Germanys most celebrated neoclassical composers. He’s not only internationally recognized for his moving, soft and gentle and very own sound but his music is also streamed online by million fans per month. As a performing artist he is fascinating his audience over and over again, after his successfull longplayer Avalanche and the sold-out SOL-Tour in 2018, he is back in the studio to work on his new album OCEAN, which will be released with Sony Classical in January 2020. In February 2020 he will continue touring through Germany.
After Dirk started to play the piano when he was ten years old, he experienced and experimented with synthesizer sounds and digital recording styles in the 80s, while playing with different bands of divers genres. In the 1990s he was touring and recording with his band In Contact before he decided to get back to his job as a software developer. 11 years later he came back to the public as a solo pianist. From that moment on he materialized his ideas and feelings and made them amenable to his audience through his music.
When it comes to creating and communicating through emotions, Dirk is a true master. His music seems to reach his fans in a magical and unconstrained way, it is sensible and can be experienced in an empathetic, charming and nonchalant way. Even if the solo pianist is worshipping an intimate atmosphere and nearness to his audience, his music already found its way out of the concert hall to the big screen. His soundtrack for the Cannes-celebreated movie Crossroads stood out of the crowd.

<< When I am playing the piano I am trying to understand the world from the inside to the outside and on an abstract level>> – Dirk Maassen

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Dirk Maassen Utrecht, TivoliVredenburg

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Dirk Maassen Amsterdam, Concertgebouw Amsterdam
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Dirk Maassen Utrecht, TivoliVredenburg