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After three years of silence, Isaac Delusion returns with an unexpected fourth album. Formed in 2012 and survivors of the Anglo-Saxon-influenced 2010’s French scene, the project‚Äôs longevity is set apart in a world of ever-changing tastes and trends.

Released on June 27th, the single “let her go” is the first installment of this new chapter in Isaac Delusion‚Äôs evolution. The title evokes the relationship between parents and their child, and the difficulties of letting one‚Äôs offspring take flight and live their own life to the full.

Over the past ten years, Isaac Delusion has released three acclaimed albums: “Isaac Delusion” (2014), “Rust & Gold” (2017) and “Uplifters” (2020). Each successive work has born witness to an ongoing musical evolution, testimony to the group‚Äôs ceaseless exploration and experimentation. Those qualities have won Isaac Delusion a wide audience, notably with such flagship titles as “She Pretends”, “Midnight Sun”, and “Isabella”.

As timeless music par excellence, pop has always had many fans, and the band’s audience has remained loyal from the very start. Perhaps this is because Isaac Delusion masters the codes of Anglo-Saxon pop to perfection, as well as the strong personal touch they offer, as exemplified by the inimitable vocal imprint of the leader singer/songwriter, Lo√Įc. While the latter cites the inspiration of such artists as Phoenix, James Blake, Sufjan Stevens, and even the angelic folk of Angelo De Augustine, this is more a question of shared sensitivities than direct influence.


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