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Every winter thousands upon thousands of Saskatchewan residents pack up and head south to escape the soul crushing conditions of the prairie winter. While most of the province was basking in the dessert sun from their campsite in some Arizona Wal Mart parking lot, Library Voices rented an old town hall in the frozen rural village of Kronau (population: 209) and bunkered down to write their sophomore release. As if that weren’t enough, they then packed up the van and drove headlong into the heart of winter on a cross-country road trip to commit the songs to tape. The result is a bright eyed, feel good rave up that sounds like it’s been soaked in sunshine and gin sodas.


Fueled by criminal amounts of espresso and a hundred bottles of gas station wine, the album was recorded in just ten days with engineer/ producer Jace Lasek (Wolf Parade, Besnard Lakes, Suuns) at Breakglass Studios in Montreal. On Summer Of Lust the band carries on their traditional of ever evolving instrumentation, this time around incorporating an Onmichord, a Prophet 08, and samples of NASA space recordings to their guitar/synth driven sound.


Library Voices hyper-literate lyrics are once again teeming with pop culture references. The album offers respectful nods to Douglas Coupland, David Foster Wallace, John Lomax, Raymond Carver, Jacques Cousteau, and Joseph Heller (to mention only a few). Summer Of Lust also features an ode to Miles Davis and Juliette Greco’s forbidden love affair (Be My Juliette Greco, Paris 1949), the declaration of a truce with the bands own hometown (Regina, I Don’t Want To Fight), and a satirical stab at Stephen Harper for his stance on the arts and funding cuts to the CBC (The Prime Minister’s Daughter).


The album has a guest appearance by multi-award winning audiobook narrator Simon Vance, who has narrated countless influential works including novels by Oscar Wilde, Dostoevsky, Huxley and Orwell, as well as Frank Herbert’s Dune series.


The album was released on August 23rd, 2011 in Canada on Nevado Records (Yukon Blonde), as well as in the USA on Dine Alone Records on October 18, 2011.


Library Voices have performed well over 200 shows including stops at Virgin Fest, Hillside Festival, and the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Their relentless tour schedule has allowed them perform everywhere from BC Place to public libraries and has landed them in SPIN, The New Yorker, and on La Blogotheque.

The band will be now showcasing at SxSW in March, as well as going on a 27 date North American tour through March and April. Their album “Summer Of Lust” will now be released on Dine Alone Records in Europe and Australia in May and the band will be touring Europe in May. 


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