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What goes around comes around. And there’s no more welcome return for 2017 than the groundbreaking British dance music of Orbital – creators of classic electronic symphonies and timeless dancefloor bangers, originators of live dance music as a must-see ecstatic festival experience.

After a five-year hiatus, brothers Paul and Phil Hartnoll reunite to bring the acclaimed Orbital live show – described by both The Guardian and Q Magazine as among the greatest gigs of all time – to a new generation.

Orbital kicked off a new era in their acclaimed 25 year career with three outdoor spectaculars confirmed so far for summer 2017. The Hartnoll brothers headlined Dublin’s Forbidden Fruit, Standon Calling and a suitably cosmic date at the Blue Dot Festival at Jodrell Bank radio telescope. Fans were reminded of how epic a live show Orbital delivers. This was reinforced in December 2017 with two awesome shows in UK at the Apollo in both Manchester and London

Paul has “warped and changed” the classic Orbital catalogue so that faithful fans will get something familiar but new, freshened up for a new phase. Phil has brought back “the bounce and made it really beefy.”

The yin and the yang, the warp and the weft of Orbital are back in sync. Like their favourite Time Lord, Paul and Phil know that two Harts are better than one.

“The past is past, so forget it,” says Phil. “This is what we're meant to do.”

“Orbital is too big a thing for us to leave behind,” adds Paul. “I always wanted us to be the Status Quo,of techno — I'm Francis Rossi by the way – because I always admired their staying power and their total tough motorik thing. If those two guys made their peace, so can we.

So we return to where it began. There is the theory of the Moebius, a twist in the fabric of space where time becomes a loop. Sometimes the good stuff comes back again – as brilliant as ever, but different. Orbital are back. It’s time to go round again.


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