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Quivers, of Melbourne, Australia, are finally bringing their cathartic lyric-driven
jangle pop to Europe and the UK for the first time in December 2024 to celebrate
their third release, Oyster Cuts, out in August via Merge Records. The road to
this moment has been a winding one, the best kind, with a performance for
KEXP, US and Australian tours, and even R.E.M. sliding into the band’s DMs with
fire emojis after their full cover of the band’s Out of Time. For musical reference
points this new album is propelled by melodies that recall Galaxie 500 and The
Pretenders, with both Sam and now Bella taking lead vocals and group vocals
from everyone. It’s sunshine pop with blood in the water, with tape loops that
circle like sharks, and twin guitars that glisten while the bass and drums roll in
like waves. Pitchfork described Quivers’ last record as “the sound of bedsit 1980s
college-rock thrust into the big-tent environs of 21st-century indie, like a
Go-Betweens with Coachella-conquering ambitions….and it’s absolutely
glorious”, but Quivers only believe in a ragged glory, that live music should
sometimes fall apart and be a genuine interaction with each audience. So they
will continue to confront love and grief and the glow of friendship from all angles,
and hope to meet you on the next winding road ahead.


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