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Four electric guitars, bass and drums, instrumental, ear piercing and beautiful.
With references towards noise, symphonic rock & repetitive music.
Statue is a band where every member is tight,
disciplined and respectful towards the wall of sound they create.
Their high standing creative dialogue makes the music break open like a perfect storm or calm it down towards a glistening dewdrop of sheer beauty.
The past summer they played Pukkelpop (BE), Leffingeleuren (BE), Incubate (NL) & Eindhoven Psychlab (NL) and according to following reviews, they killed it:
“ The Revelation of Leffingeleuren! ”
“It doesn’t surprise us that Ayco Duyster is a fan of Statue .
The attractively,Instrumental songs are perfect for the radioshow Duyster. Long compositions that seduces you with wide layered guitar work and danceable melodies. But be not mistaken, these 4 guitars, bass and drums will rock out when they have to and blow the sand of pukkelpop out of your ears.”
“ Very powerful was the last song ‘Calexico point’. A threatening song with a beautiful middle piece, wherein the guitars come at you at a hundred miles per hour. If it can get any better? Yes it can, ’The perfect storm’ is a cumbersome drone that gets bigger and more impressive throughout the song.
 The best openingsact of our Pukkelpop-weekend!”
“A lot of credit for “I got your raumschiff” a song that has surfaced in the “Duyster-playlist”on Studio Brussel. 10 minutes long it rolls through your ear canals but isn’t boring one bit.
If it were up to us these guys already deserve a statue.”
“With a background filled with visuals, the band is playing like a well-oiled machine. Moving, convincing en almost mechanically, but always filled with life energy these gentlemen play a set that fills the room. With four guitars you can expect something powerful. Statue doesn’t disappoint, THÉ act of the evening..”
3VOOR12 – Sonic Boom



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Statue Amsterdam , Paradiso


Statue Rotterdam, Left Of The Dial
Statue Eindhoven , Effenaar


Statue Leeuwarden, Explore the North
Statue Maastricht , Muziekgieterij
Statue Den Bosch, Willem Twee Poppodium