The Mocks

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The Mocks are a young band from Nieuw-Vennep, the Netherlands. Inspired by the mod-movement from the sixties, they come dressed in the finest tailor-made suits. Their music style is strongly influenced by beat music, such as the Who, the Kinks, the Small Faces and the Motions.
Their live shows capture the raw energy of a bygone era, this is further magnified by their use of vintage guitars, amplifiers and microphones.
Though the band has their roots in music that is more than half a century old, the songs sound refreshing and enlightening in today’s world, where effects and autotune have become the norm. Get ready for the new beat sensation!


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The Mocks Varsseveld, Hootchie Koe
The Mocks Megen, Lulboompop
Sold out
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The Mocks Geleen , Mama's Pride
The Mocks Vriezenveen , Randrock
The Mocks Den Bosch, Willem Twee Poppodium
The Mocks Utrecht, EKKO
The Mocks Amsterdam , Paradiso
The Mocks Rotterdam, V11


The Mocks Bergen op Zoom, Popronde Bergen op Zoom
The Mocks Den Haag, Popronde Den Haag
The Mocks Hilversum, Popronde Hilversum
The Mocks Alkmaar, Popronde Alkmaar
The Mocks Middelburg, Popronde Middelburg
The Mocks Rotterdam, Popronde Rotterdam
The Mocks Sittard, Popronde Sittard
The Mocks Tilburg, Popronde Tilburg
The Mocks Doetinchem, Popronde Doetinchem
The Mocks Utrecht, Popronde Utrecht
The Mocks Harderwijk, Popronde Harderwijk
The Mocks Venlo, Popronde Venlo
The Mocks Dordrecht, Popronde Dordrecht
The Mocks Haarlem, Popronde Haarlem
The Mocks Den Bosch, Popronde Den Bosch
The Mocks Gouda, Popronde Gouda
The Mocks Almere, Popronde Almere
The Mocks Eindhoven, Popronde Eindhoven
The Mocks Wageningen, Popronde Wageningen
The Mocks Woerden, Popronde Woerden
The Mocks Amersfoort, Popronde Amersfoort
The Mocks Leeuwarden, Popronde Leeuwarden
The Mocks Delft, Popronde Delft
The Mocks Den Haag, PrinsjesNach
The Mocks Apeldoorn, Popronde Apeldoorn
The Mocks Leiden, Popronde Leiden
The Mocks Bloemendaal, Surfana Festival
The Mocks Nijmegen , Popronde Nijmegen
The Mocks Rotterdam, Nacht van de Kaap
The Mocks Amsterdam , Paradiso
The Mocks Lichtenvoorde, Zwarte Cross Festival
The Mocks Nijmegen, Valkhof Festival
The Mocks Luttenberg, LilHill Festival
The Mocks Haarlem, Klikofest
The Mocks Utrecht , DB's
The Mocks Den Haag, Sniester
The Mocks Amsterdam, Rollende Keukens
The Mocks Amersfoort, Boothill
The Mocks Utrecht, Stathe
The Mocks Apeldoorn, Gigant Muziekcafe


The Mocks Amsterdam , Paradiso
The Mocks Hoofddorp, Duycker
The Mocks Haarlem , Patronaat
The Mocks Utrecht, Bockbierfestival
The Mocks Utrecht, NAR - Café der Kunsten
The Mocks Eindhoven, Mout Eindhoven
The Mocks Amsterdam, Markt Centraal
The Mocks Katwijk, Reuring aan Zee
The Mocks Utrecht, Bier und Wei am Rhein
The Mocks Den Haag, Zeeheldenfestival
The Mocks Nieuw-Vennep, Hoppig and Tony Stone
The Mocks Amsterdam, Cinetol
The Mocks Amsterdam, De Vrijheidspont